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Talent when inbuilt never deserts the individual who possesses it, Jayanth wants to guide youngsters and to shape the cricketing future of enthusiasts who want’s to hit the cricketing headlines.

Talent also thrives only when it is nurtured by a senior coach. This can't be farther from the truth in Jayanth's case. His cricketing talent blossomed under P.K. Dharmalingam, who not only played Ranji Trophy for Tamil Nadu but also coached and groomed cricketing stars.

He then went on to play 22 years of league cricket, out of which 7 years were devoted to playing senior dividion matches. His career tally of more than 500 wickets was the result of his mastery over flight, Jayanth's passion for the game grew with every single match he played, driving him to a mass knowledge at every step of his cricketing journey.

In 1986 Jayanth got the opportunity to roll his arms in the test nets. The time he spent with the 'Spin Legend' Erapalli Prasanna read the 'Off Spinning' Bible with relish. Till the time Jayanth played league cricket, the 'Off Spinning' Bible had been stored in the farthest recesses of his mind.

Now Jayanth is on his way to live another dream - The dream of guiding youngsters who want to make it big in the cricketing world.


Manish Stars for Egmore RC

From a rookie fast bowler who lacked the nous of seem bowling, Manish has come a long way.

At Khel Academy, Jayanth did just that. As a coach, he has this uncanny ability to spot talent. When Manish was a street cricketer bowling his heart out with a tennis ball, Jayanth saw something special in this youngster

His 7 for 40 for a third division club was his latest feather to his cap. What was more special was that Manish was playing alongside ex-Ranji trophy cricketers, present Tamil Nadu Cricket Selection Committee Chairman and other renowned cricketers. All the senior Cricketers sang paens of praises about Manish's performance and they were really impressed with him. Manish is making headway to playing senior level cricket

When Imran Khan spotted Wasim Akram for the first time, he envisioned a world class fast bowler. It takes a trained eye to spot talent, great coach to transform raw talent into top class artist

All this would not have been possible but for the tireless efforts of his Coach Jayanth. He was instrumental in making Manish play for a league side that had Ranji trophy cricketers.

Jayanth's stint with Khel has unearthed many treasures. Manish is one of the gems rearing to go from the start, Jayanth has imparted many a cricketing wisdom. Now Manish is a top class fast bowler, a bowler who can rattle the most prolific of batsmen.

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