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Badminton has long been played as a competitive sport many years ago. But right until now, there are still many people especially in places like USA or Canada who treat badminton as a backyard sports. A sport that is only for fun, enjoyment and not much effort is required.

But the fact is... Badminton is as competitive and as tough as any other sports. Badminton players are as fit if not fitter than tennis players, football players or any other sportsmen or women. Badminton is a game that demonstrates speed, stamina, agility, power and also delicate skills and touches. It is also a game of strategies, tactics and mental fitness. This game is also known as the physical chess game.

Badminton is also one of the most played sports in the World as it is a very popular sport in Asia as well as in some parts of Europe like Denmark and U.K. However the sad fact is Badminton is still trailing behind many other sports in terms of recognition, I think it's time that Badminton is given due recognition in our khel sports academy.

Badminton Coach

Badminton coaching by Mr.Magesh is something which helps beginners and experts in badminton to successfully master various aspects of badminton.Magesh himself is an excellent player and have sufficient knowledge and insight regarding badminton.

Magesh tips in badminton are valuable because he the one who stand near you, watching your game day after day on court and during practice sessions. He is in unique position to analyze your weaknesses and drawbacks,he also have enough stakes in your success, which enable to correct them promptly then and there so that the ward succeeds.

The advantage in getting coaching from Mr.Magesh is that different types of weaknesses are there for different age group players. For example, under 12 players usually have trouble in playing rearcourt shots. Similarly, under 14 commonly have a weak backhand shot, under 16 have weak around the head forehand shot and under 18 suffer from inadequate court coverage. The technical deficiencies involving all the above can only be rectified by coaching.

Similarly, court-covering skills is woefully lacking in beginners and intermediate level players. They look at the professionals and wonder at their court covering skills. They think they can never imagine attaining their speeds necessary for covering the court.

But in reality, the coaching from Magesh will make them understand that it is the MOMENTUM, not the speed that separates them from the professionals.

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